Books to bring


The main purpose of this information is to give an idea of the books needed in the respective departments/fields. ALL these books are NOT MANDATORY. They only serve as a guidance. Since books are expensive in US, it is mostly preferred to buy books back in India. Texts in India are mostly softcover, and are reprints. Hence, they are less expensive. Before buying books from India, we insist that you do the following:

1. Contact seniors: Ask your seniors which of the suggested books is most relevant to your specialization. For example, signal processing(EE) is a vast field. Some books for speech processing may not be useful for image processing. So, shortlist your choices by consulting the seniors.
2. Permission to use: Some of the professors do not permit the use of International editions. So, you HAVE to buy the book here. Again, ask your seniors and you may also ask the professor directly if they dont mind international editions.
3. Cost: Some books may approximately cost the same. So, you may as well buy it here and avoid carrying those 2 kgs extra!!


General Books

1)Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreyszig

Books for VLSI Design

1) Fundamentals of Digital logic with VHDL Design -Brown Vranesic
2) Verilog Quick start, A practical guide to Simulation and synthesis in Verilog- Lee
3) VHDL book Kevin Skahill
4) CMOS circuit design, layout, and simulation - Baker Li Boyce
5) Principles of CMOS VLSI Design - Weste Eshraghian
6) Digital Integrated Circuits, A design perspective- Rabaey
7) Computer Architecture a quantitative approach - Hennesy & Patterson
8) Computer architecture and organization - Hennesy &Patterson


Books for Signal Processing

1) Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Orfinidis
2) Digital Image Processing - Gonsalez, Woods
or Digital Image Processing - Castleman
3) Information Theory - Thomas & Thomas
4) Communication Theory - Kennedy


Books for Controls

1) Modern Control Engineering - Katsuhiko Ogata (4th Edition)
2) Feedback Control Systems - Philips & Harbor (4th Edition)
3) Basic Control System - Satyanarayan
4) Signals & Systems - Oppenheim(2nd Edition)


Books for Computer Science

1) Introduction to Algorithms - Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein, (latest edition)
2) Computer Networks - Tennanbaum (latest edition)
3) Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles (4th ed.) - William Stallings
4) Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach - R S. Pressman (5th edition)
5) Computer Security - Matt Bishop
6) Deitel & Deitel for CS2


Aerospace Engg

1) Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer - Tannehil, Fletcher, Anderson
2) Riemann Solvers & Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics - Toro
2) Modern Compressible Flow - J.D.Anderson
3) Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies - Ashley and Landall
4) Numerical Optimization Techniques for Engg Design with Application - Vanderplaats
5) Fluid Dynamics: Theoretical and Computational Approaches - Warsi Z.U.A
6) Flight Mechanics of High Performance Aircraft - Vinh


Power electronics

1)Power Electronics - Converters, Applications and Design.
- Mohan/Robbins/Undeland
2) First Course on Power Electronics and Drives
- N. Mohan, year 2003 edition
3) Understanding FACTS - Hingorani
Optional but recommended(helps me)
4) Power Electronics Handbook - Skvarenina, Timothy L.
5) Modern Pwer Elctronics and AC drives - Bimal K Bose.



1) Classical Electrodynamics 3rd Edition - J.D.Jackson (required)
2) Mathematical Physics latest edition - Butkov (required)
3) Quantum Mechanics 3rd edition - Eugen Merzbacher (required)
4) Classical Mechanics latest edition - Goldstein
5) Introduction to Electrodynamics latest edition - Griffiths
6) Solid state physics 7th edition - Charles Kittel
7) Mathematical Physics - R. S Sharma
8) Advanced Quantum Mechanics - Satyaprakash



1) Stereochemistry - Kalsi,
2) Organic Reaction Mechanism - Jerry March,
3) Advanced Organic Chemistry - Carey & sundberg,
4) Principles of Analytical Chemistry - Skoog Hooler & west,
5) Organic Reaction Mechanism - Puri & Sharma,
6) Inorganic text - Miesel & Tarr,
7) Physical Chemistry - Atkins,
8) Spectroscopy - Y.R. Sharma,
9) " " " - William Kemp.


Chemical Engineering
1) Introduction to chemical engineering thermodynamics: Vanness and Smith
2) Unit operations of chemical engineering: McCabe and Smith
3) Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook